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Get Results Faster, Better, and Less Painfully

I help businesses improve performance and grow revenue by getting successful outcomes from their changes.  We all know change doesn't just happen.  I help by designing strategic change roadmaps guiding your people to adopt and sustain new behaviors needed for your change to happen! I also have significant experience  in improving the performance of sales teams at all stages of the customer value life cycle resulting in revenue growth .

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Now more than ever when the stakes are high and you need buy-in, ownership and a committed team to deliver rapid results,  outdated approaches simply won't cut it.  Transformational Change Agent and Strategic Advisor Susan Perry is an organizational "fixer" who knows how to turn struggling and scalable businesses and their teams into fast-moving machines that improve performance and grow revenue POWERED BY CHANGE.  Using her proprietary Roadmap for Revenue Realization, Susan helps organizations and their leaders not only discover how to move through effective change but also to capitalize on it intentionally.  Her audiences learn how to achieve these outcomes:

  • Discover the importance of designing a defined, agreed upon Change Strategy before executing complex, costly changes thereby avoiding wasteful and dreadful "rework"

  • Foster an engaged team culture by creating a people-centric approach to leadership, collaboration and proactive resistance management

  • Improve bottom-line results by tackling essential, revenue generating inhibitors that are negatively impacting sales

With Susan's guidance, you and your teams can stay on the winding, hair-pin roads of change and even give it some gas!

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Discovery Connection

Do you have an important change you need to implement and need to ensure you get results quickly? Or do you have a change that's stuck and you're not seeing results because your people are not embracing the change? Schedule a discovery connection so we can quickly explore ways to set your changes up for success.

Change & Risk Assessment

Not all changes are created equal!  Before embarking on your change, it's essential to know how much change is required to manage the people aspects of your change and understand the risks associated with your effort.  With this information, your change plan is customized for how much change management will be needed for success.  One size doesn't fit all!

Change Planning Session

The Change Planning Session is an essential step in designing your custom Change Roadmap.  Key elements include leader and stakeholder involvement, future state creation, evaluating and creating change readiness, integrated communications, training plan development, and important milestone progress assessments. These elements can be integrated with your project plan and timeline to serve you successfully throughout your change journey.

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Leader & Audience Impact Assessment

Identifying and understanding important factors for all of your key stakeholder audiences impacted by your change is foundational to your change plan, leadership actions, communication, and training efforts.

Preparing Leaders for Change Training & Coaching

At least 50% of the success of your change efforts rely on how successful your managers are leading the change.  This training will set your leaders up for success around your specific change.

Preparing Employees for Change Training

Organizational change happens when each and every employee changes. This session will prepare your employees for your particular change setting them up to engage successfully and adopt and sustain the changes you need - a key factor in driving results quickly for your change.

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Have a change that's stuck?  

Do you have a change that's not working?  Are you not seeing results?  Are your people resisting to doing something new or different?  Are you relaunching, rebooting, or retraining?  These are symptoms of a change that needs help.  I can diagnose with precision where your change is stuck and create a plan to get your change back on track so you get the results you need to see from that change.  This diagnostic saves you precious time and money that comes from trial and error approaches!

10x HR's Impact:  Change Design Coaching
for HR

With more than 25 years of HR experience managing change, we guide & coach HR leaders on how to add extraordinary value to their internal clients and their businesses bottom line.  We work with HR individuals or teams directly using real-life changes specific to your company.

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Integrating Change Management for Project Managers

This training is aimed at helping Project Managers better understand change management and how to integrate change effectively as part of the project plan.

Change Success For Sales Leaders

We help sales leaders grow their revenue by helping them to manage the changes needed to see their sales team deliver.   We have helped hundreds of sales leaders get results.  Have you ever "relaunched or rebooted" a key sales change or initiative?  Do you find yourself "retraining" your sales people?  Unfortunately, these "re's" are clear indicators your initiative or change didn't work the first time.  We get you out of this vicious cycle of "redoing" saving you time, money, lost revenue, and the fatigue and lack of engagement your people experience.

HR Consulting & Support

With more than 20 years strategic and operational HR leadership, we support HR leaders and their teams improving organizational effectiveness.  Here's a sample of some of our recent consulting projects:

  • Designed HR strategy aligned to advancing the business strategy

  • Conducted Employee Engagement analysis & created a plan for improving engagement

  • Created a plan focused on driving change around Diversity & Inclusion

  • Designed a Talent & Development focused strategy to fulfill the needs of the business  

  • Trained and coached HR to elevate their strategic impact and improve their change management expertise & capabilities

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Sharing my passion and experiences has allowed me to empower people and make a difference in the way they not only think about managing change but also helped them get better at driving change in their own organizations.  I provide my audiences with the tools to achieve greater levels of change success.  Do you have a sales kickoff, leadership meeting, or conference event coming up?  I'd love to help!

The Power of Your Portfolio

Did you know you can improve your organization's performance leveraging the power of your portfolio?  We start with a strategic assessment and create a change strategy for putting the power of your portfolio to work to grow your business and increase employee and customer engagement.

Building Your Enterprise Change Management DNA

Building your enterprise change management DNA is just as important as what you deliver to your customers by way of core product or service.  Become an even more competitive force by investing in building this capability.  It will drive success in everything you do.  Schedule a discovery call to learn more.

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How We've Helped Others

New Sales Growth Strategy 

Our clients often have everything they need to succeed, they just require a change management plan and support to make a strategic jump. We were called into this project after this client wasn't getting results.  We worked on this project for 6 months and the end result was truly spectacular.  We diagnosed what was standing in the way of success, developed a custom change roadmap, and supported the implementation.  This work resulted in an $11m increase in new revenue and a $55m increase from existing clients.  Amazing!

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New Operations Technology Implementation

We approached this project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of this scale. We studied our client’s operations to create a focused and effective change management solution - and then watched it grow. We loved working with this client, and look forward to working on many more successful projects like this one in the future.

Building Leadership Change Capability

Clients often approach us with a general idea of what they need to see from their leaders related to managing change, and this project was no different. We were able to jump right in with our expertise and really helped the company educate and train their leaders to drive successful change with their teams.  While a single training isn't all it takes, this business is doing well today and is committed to ongoing leadership training and support and we’re proud to be a learning partner.

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CHRO Support & Consulting 

This special client was the CHRO for a Cloud Computing Service Provider.  While the organization was not new, the people function needed to evolve to better meet the needs of this growing business.  Given our significant HR experience, we were able to step in and quickly assimilate with the team and begin making progress towards the HR strategy and producing wins.  We designed and delivered HR & change management solutions in the areas of improving employee engagement, talent management & performance, diversity & inclusion, leadership development and we conducted a talent acquisition audit.  In addition, we trained and coached the HR People team to elevate their strategic impact and improve their HR, change management expertise & capabilities.  This was a very fun and rewarding 7 month engagement in beautiful NYC!

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Susan Perry

Transformational Change Agent, Strategic Advisor, Speaker

Susan Perry is a highly experienced consultant and thought leader with 25+ years in Human Resources leadership, business transformation, and change management experience delivering transformative results.  Prior to establishing her consulting practice, Susan spent 5 years as the Vice President of Change Acceleration for Comcast Spotlight.  She conceived and built Comcast Spotlight’s change management COE  practice, building their change portfolio and strategic organizational change management capability.  Her efforts produced greatly improved change and project success rates, realizing the ROI of change measured by results achieved in the business and realizing a better customer and employee experience. This work is her passion!

Susan received her MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management in Boston. 

She is a graduate of WICT’s prestigious Betsy Magness Program.

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